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"Tell me about music" is a project in the musical area, whose purpose is the creation of a website, which intends to put blind people and people who can see on an equal basis.

Being myself a blind man, and a music lover and student, I’ve always met the lack of educational materials on this area along my learning process. Although there is a lot of information about music, it is really not accessible to people who carry visual deficiency.

We are thus excluded, facing somehow a double blindness.

The presentation of these contents is a giant step to blind people, since it offers a simple way of assimilating information.

Without doubt, the Braille musicography is a wonderful resource, being essential to the sustained development of a fine musician. But a large amount of blind people lose their ability to see in a later stage of their lives, having this way little chance of benefiting from the Braille musicography. And the lack of places and people who master such knowledge makes things even more difficult.

"Tell me about music" represents an alternative way of learning, and a stimulus, for the one who intends to develop his or her studies.

At this stage, it is already possible to visualize, from any part of the world, the way to make the most basic chords on a classic guitar, as long as one has access to the Internet, which is without doubt extraordinary. This is a bilingual project, in Portuguese and English, as thus universal.

Other instruments will follow, like the Portuguese Guitar, the “cavaquinho”, drums and many others.

Only with your collaboration may we go further.


Luís Oliveira

The "Tell me about music" team:

Luís Oliveira
Helder Carvalho
Rogério Saldanha

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